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is this you?

Are you currently on keto and:

  • struggling to lose weight or have hit a plateau?

  • still suffering intense sugar or carb cravings?

  • experiencing digestive distress?

  • battling an autoimmune disorder?

  • interested in the carnivore diet but not sure where to start?

If so, this program is for you!


The Focus

You will learn:

  • what the carnivore diet is and why it is different than keto

  • why the carnivore diet is so effective and how it can work for you

  • what foods to eat and what foods to avoid

  • how to tailor the diet to your lifestyle and goals

  • how to troubleshoot issues that arise


The program includes:

  • 4-week online program to help you understand and get started on the carnivore diet

  • 24/7 support and accountability from Health Coach Kait via an exclusive Facebook group

  • one bottle of beef liver supplements from Grassland Nutrition ($32 value)

  • shopping lists, recipes and other resources

  • lifetime access to the program, including updates

  • lifetime support from Health Coach Kait


Take your health from good to great over the next 4-weeks!


 want in?


New rounds begin a couple days before the end of each month. Next round begins October 25, 2019. Limited spots available.




‘Keto to Carnivore’ gave me the confidence to take the leap from a pretty strict calorie-counting version of Keto, over to a deliciously meaty Carnivore menu. I was educated and supported by Health Coach Kait and made welcome by the KTC Facebook community. I’ve started to make some great progress on my muscle-building goals and I’m excited to explore how Carnivore can fit into my long term health and strength plans.
— Fiona, Australia
Great program. The guide created by Kait allows you to transition into carnivore diet smoothly and learn about nutrient dense foods. I no longer have energy crashes, stomach issues or sugar cravings. My mood has improved, and I feel a lot more motivated and confident that I can overcome bad habits and get on the right path to perfect health.
— Maria, Poland