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Meadow & MArrow Bone Broth

A delicious keto butter chicken and naan bread recipe I created for Meadow & Marrow using thei curry bone broth concentrate. Find the full recipe on their website.

Ancestral Supplements

Ancestral Supplements makes getting nutrient-dense, high-quality organ meats into your diet easy! Use code: KAIT10 for 10% off! I highly recommend the Beef Liver capsules.

Temple Nutrition

Temple Nutrition is an Australian company that produces high quality MCT oil. As a brand ambassador I am thrilled to offer you 15% off any purchase with: KAIT15


Want to Collab?

As long as our messages align, I am open to working with brands. Please note, I will not support or promote any product or service I do not 100% love. Please contact me here.