Become a Primal Health Coach


Is the Primal Health Coach Program right for you? I graduated from the Primal Health Coach Institute in 2018 and launched my health coaching business shortly after. The program gave me the information and tools I needed to succeed in the industry. I get a lot of questions about whether I recommend the program and this blog post will serve as my review for the Primal Health Coach Program. Hopefully it will answer all the questions you have!

About the Course

The Primal Health Coach Program is an online health coach certification program based on several key concepts including:

  • recognizing body composition is 80% determined by what you eat

  • burning fat over carbohydrates for energy

  • eliminating grains and processed sugar from your diet

  • recognizing cholesterol and saturated fat are not your enemy

If you follow any variation of a low carb, ancestral diet (paleo, keto, carnivore, etc.) this course would be a good fit for you. There are 20 chapters, each with a text, audio and video presentation of the material. There is a heavy emphasis on diet (and rightfully so), but some chapters also dive into exercise, sun, sleep and play. At the end of each chapter there is a multiple choice exam. A grade of 75% or above must be achieved in order to unlock the next chapter.

Beyond the actual course material, there are “Business Building Tasks” that accompany the first 12 chapters. If you keep up with these tasks, your health coaching business will be ready to launch by the time you graduate!


What I Liked About the Program

From the moment I started chapter one, I knew I had made the right decision. Here is what I liked about the course:

  • course material is current, relevant and backed by the latest science

  • course material was easy to understand and was provided in text, audio and video formats

  • exams required a thorough understanding of the course material

  • business building tasks were laid out so that by the time you graduated, your business would be ready to launch

  • support staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful

  • flexible payment plans available meaning you don’t have to pay everything upfront

  • not based on multi-level marketing

What I Disliked About the Program

There really was not much I did not like about the Primal Health Coach Program, but one thing I will mention is:

  • one chapter is released a week, meaning the minimum amount of time if takes to graduate is three months

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The total cost is $2,995USD. They offer flexible payment plans so you do not need to pay upfront.

How long does it take to complete?

Three months is the minimum time it takes to complete, however, you can work at your own pace and take up until a year.

Does it help you find clients?

Once you graduate you will be listed in the Primal Health Coach directory. The course provides a lot of strategies and tips to find clients, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • “health coach” is an unregulated title and does not allow you to diagnose, treat or prescribe anything to anyone

  • as mentioned above, one chapter is released a week, meaning the minimum amount of time if takes to graduate is three months

Overall, I loved the Primal Health Coach Program. The information being taught was relevant, the business building aspect helped me form my company and the community is like no other. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to help others regain their health. I hope this review helped you figure out if the PHCI is right for you!


Any other questions or comments? Leave them down below!

One last thing I would like to disclose is that I do made a commission if you reference me when you sign up. I would speak highly of the program even if this was not the case. Feel free to mention me when you sign up if you would like to support me! :)