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I’m Kait! I help people train their bodies to burn fat for fuel. My focus is on helping you break the carb dependency cycle and use fat as your main energy source. My strategy leads to realistic, maintainable results. I work with people both online and in-person. Want to know more about me and my story? Keep reading.



During high school and into my early 20s, I struggled with my weight. On paper, I was doing everything right: frequently exercising, eating plenty of whole grains, opting for low fat versions of foods... Yet I was still overweight and could not figure out where I was going wrong!

It was not until I discovered keto that everything clicked for the first time. My excess weight fell off effortlessly (and stayed off), my athletic performance improved and I had consistent energy throughout the day. Overall, I felt really good, but little did I know, I could feel better.

That’s where carnivore comes in. Out of pure curiosity, I wanted to give this seemingly crazy way of eating a try, and I am so glad I did!

Reducing my plant intake, and focusing on nutrient dense animal foods changed everything once again. All of my cravings disappeared, my digestion improved and my skin cleared. If I felt great on keto, I feel amazing on carnivore!

Health is our greatest wealth. Don’t settle for anything less than optimal!

- Kait